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Functional Grammar

"It is through grammar that we make sense of our experience, both of the world we live in and the world that lives in us"

"In order to be taught successfully, it is necessary to know how to use language to learn"
- M.A.K. Halliday


English Functional Grammar (Free!)

An introduction to the basic concepts of systemic functional grammar.

Highly acclaimed with 20,000+ students and new students joining every day.

IELTS Writing Band 7+ with Functional Grammar

Improve your IELTS and academic writing with functional grammar.

Lingo's most comprehensive course so far. Perfect for IELTS candidates, university students, and even English teachers.

Stylistics Masterclass: Using Linguistics to Interpret Literature

Learn how to use functional grammar to analyse and interpret text.

Perfect for scholars interested in text linguistics and literary studies. No prior knowledge necessary.

Requires Academia.edu premium account.

A Guide to Teaching Adult Learners: 10 Effective Principles

Counting down my top ten tips for teaching adult learners.

Perfect for English language teachers, university tutors and all kinds of trainers and educators.

Requires Academia.edu premium account.

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